Human Resources

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Job applications can be filled out online via our website or All the applications will be collected in our HR data base.

The main purpose of employment is that we are only looking for the applicants who are suitable for our company culture and values, capable enough to do work that the position requires, highly motivated, receptive for developments and changes.

All the applications will be considered in detail.

HR Policy

As a piooner company in international platform, TR Engineering will provide every opportunity to reinforce professional and individual developments for its employees.

TR Muhendislik aims a sufficient, peaceful and friendly working enviroment for the employees and always considers their substantial and moral rights.

Our company intends to provide and exiting and glorious working environment and maintain employee’s satisfaction which is important because our achievements comes from our employees. Since we are client-oriented and value social responsiblities and ethical issues, and always aim to win; TR Engineering targets to reveal its employees’ real potentials and reinforce them in order to get higher performance.

Admission Process

We are seeking for the listed qualifications from our applicants:Necessary education and training that the position requires, Experience and capability, Suitableness of our company culture and values.

The suitable applicants will be determined based on their CV, and will be called for an interview.